There is nothing more heartwarming than a child’s smile, their eyes lighting up and their cheeks glowing. This precious little being makes meaningful connections with familiar faces.

What started as an idea for a single book created for my first-born child almost 16 years ago only came to life with the birth of my baby sisters’ first baby; and a year like no other.

Book About was created for those who do not get to see their loved ones as often as they like, for those who have lost loved ones and want to treasure their memories and for those wanting to create a keepsake for someone precious.

Whether its reading names in their special book or developing connections with faces from your beautiful full-colour photographs, our books help your child find their identify and discover the most important people in their lives while developing confidence, familiarity and love.


Together with my clever baby sister @ashyhuddo, my talented graphic designer sister @coocachuu and my very spunky printer partner @designtoprintsolutions we welcome you to Book About.

Why Book About

“This is where I come from, this is where I belong.”

We all love our children and want them to develop a sense of self-awareness and belonging.

We have all seen the magic that occurs when a child sees itself in a photograph.

Photographs help connect to family and a child’s primary source of comfort is family so just imagine the magic created if they are the main character in their book!

Boosts a child’s self-esteem

“It’s good to read with your child often. It’s best to start reading from birth, but it’s never too late to begin. Reading with children from an early age helps them develop a solid foundation for literacy. It also promotes bonding and is good for your relationship with your child.”

“These benefits include building strong bonds between parents and children, helping children feel secure and develop socially and emotionally, helping them make sense of the world, and literally helping build their brain architecture by connecting neural pathways through positive, back-and-forth interactions.”


Reading is important in literacy development

“Portraits allow children to develop a sense of self-awareness in an intuitive way – encouraging feelings of love and belonging beyond their physical presence.”

“Parents shouldn’t underestimate the importance of visual cues in reinforcing the family unit – especially when kids are younger and still learning about the significance of family. Sure, you may have plenty of happy snaps stored within photo albums or on your computer/hard drive, but these are only accessible once prompted.”